A Rant About Nothing

The world is many things – beautiful, bizarre, dangerous, liberating, forgiving, unforgiving… You get it.

Some opinions and reasoning for things I will never understand. You try and try to dig up as much information as possible but still cannot understand how or why people believe what they do. What I do see is that people are quick to anger, judge and dismiss others very quickly. Emotions quickly take over and logic flies off into space with the Vulcan’s.

Social media has amplified the anger, trolling, discontent, hatred which sometimes seems to outweigh the good that comes from it. As the Pigeon Lady says from Home Alone 2

Everyone fights for position. Everybody wants to be seen and heard

Your opinions and thoughts are important, it is what defines you as an individual, friend, sibling, son or daughter. Acknowledge your opinions may not always be welcome by others, but gives you the awesome opportunity of learning from others.

Focus on your core self, strengthen your mental and physical frame. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Text or call a family member or friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Stay connected, be interested in others (no matter how different they are). Take the time to get to know someone by asking questions and just listening. Focus on that moment and nothing else, and I promise you will see enjoyment each and every day.

Trucker Jugs was really set up for 2 purposes

  1. If you’re going to send it into a plastic bottle, put it in something that will break down naturally
  2. Help another community out at the same time (5% of revenue goes to the Wounded Warrior Project)

This rant will probably expand quite a bit. But I think that’s enough for now.

So, if you’re the person that hates pulling over to exercise bodily functions, buy some jugs to keep the journey going.