What a pee stop costs a trucker

Trucking is a tough job. I get frustrated sitting in a car for more than an hour. So I will just admit I would never be able to do what you guys and gals of the road can do. I like drinking water, coffee and energy drinks while a drive.

I sure as hell don’t like stopping as it seems every time I need a joint to go, they are never around. Forget about getting stuck in I95 traffic going over the George Washington Bridge at any given time of the day.

We just have to admit something, it is an evil necessary. Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with it if done right. The world is better off when it moves fast, efficiently and you are not spending 20-30 minutes to get off the road, find a stop, do your business then press on. As you know, those minutes can add up very quickly.

Let’s do some simple math to see what that stop costs you each and every time

  • Average going rate per mile = $.50
  • Average time from off ramp to on ramp stop = 30 minutes
  • Average speed on a given highway = 60 MPH
  • Total Travel and Time Sacrificed = 30 miles and 30 minutes
  • Cost per stop = $15

Of course, the rates, stop time and speed is all different per individual, but its costly to say the least.